Terms and conditions

1. Introduction

AdriaBookers.com website (hereinafter Adriabookers) is a provider of online services through the online platform and of services and other tools aimed at advertising and linking people who look for an accommodation to rent (hereinafter the users) with people that are offering accommodation facilities for rent for touristic and other similar purposes, such as: apartments, rooms, villas, bungalows, campsites and the like (hereinafter the advertisers). 

By using the services of this website, advertisers and users confirm that they accept these Terms and conditions of use, that they are familiar with them and fully understand them. Adribookers reserves the right to amend these Rules, and the same take effect on the day of its publication on the website. Adriabookers is not responsible for any damage that may arise to users and advertisers because of amendments to rules or the lack of knowledge of the same.

2. Liabilities of Adriabookers

Adriabookers is not an intermediary agency and is not involved in negotiating the lease of accommodation capacities and therefore, does not negotiate the conditions for accommodation with the users, nor can it be held responsible for any disputes that may arise between advertisers and users. Adriabookers through the online platform advertises accommodation, promoting the advertisers’ facilities and by publishing ads that also contain the contacts of advertisers enables users to find adequate accommodation or other services and direct contact with the advertiser to arrange the service of renting the accommodation. This way, by publication of the ads and other information, Adriabookers helps users find the desired accommodation and enables advertisers to present themselves on a broad market. 

For their services Adriabookers stipulates financial compensation with advertisers for which an invoice is issued in electronic form. Adriabookers reserves the right of publication of the ads even without compensation. The fee may be different for certain countries and advertisers. 

The users are free to use Adriabookers services without compensation, but should comply with these Terms and conditions of use. 

Adriabookers reserves the right to deny the service to an advertiser who does not obey the Terms and conditions of use, as well as to an advertiser who is found to abuse the site, violates legal regulations or otherwise harms Adriabookers’ reputation and business. In the event of termination of relationship with the advertiser, previously charged fee will not be refunded. 

Adriabookers agrees to present advertisers ads on the best way possible, respecting the rules of the profession and the wishes of advertisers. In order to achieve optimum performance, Adriabookers has the right to change and adjust advertisers’ ads. If it is determined that the advertiser gave untruthful information for the publication of the ad, the same will be deleted without prior notice, and the fee charged will not be refunded. 

Advertisements are published at a certain time limit, and upon expiration of this deadline, the advertiser can achieve an extension of the publication by paying prescribed fee.

3. Liabilities of advertisers

Advertisers may be owners of accommodation (apartments, villas, hotels, rooms, etc.) or their authorized proxies. The obligation of the seller is to have all the necessary documentation laid down by law for performing rental of accommodation they advertise and are responsible for all possible consequences that could arise from their inappropriately regulated status in relation to legal obligations. 

The advertiser is obligated to provide Adriabookers with true and accurate information about this property that will be advertised. All information about the object, including texts, photos, and more, in addition of having to be true and accurate, must not be such as to offend the feelings and morals of users and other advertisers and have to be in accordance to the regulations of the state where the ad is published. Photos and images of objects must be original. 

In the event of a change of important data relating to the already published advertisement of an object, at the request of the advertiser, Adriabookers will make the necessary modifications and changes of the data in the ad. 

The advertiser is solely responsible for the accuracy and precision of translation of ads to other languages. 

The advertisement must contain only the information related to the subject of advertising and these data have to be of such a kind to provide user as complete information about the property and conditions of accommodation as possible. It is not allowed to advertise other items.

4. Registration of advertisers

Advertisers register on the AdriaBookers.com website whereby they are obliged to provide truthful and accurate information. Using advertising services is not possible without prior registration. When registering, the advertiser is obliged to follow the Adriabookers instructions. 

By registering, advertiser gets an account on his own name and through that account a communication with Adriabookers takes place. The advertiser can advertise more accommodation facilities with just one user account. Regarding the protection of personal data, Adriabookers will act in accordance with these Terms and conditions of use and comply with regulations. 

Closing of an account can be made at the request of the advertiser. 

The advertiser is obliged to take care of the security of his password and change it in timely manner. Adriabookers is not responsible in cases of eventual misuse of passwords but in the event of report of misuse will take measures to protect advertiser.

5. Users

The users are free to use information posted on the AdriaBookers.com website for their personal needs. At that, users must not misuse the data obtained on this site. Published contact and other personal information of advertisers can be used exclusively for the purpose of negotiating the accommodation services and any other use of the information published on the website constitutes an abuse of personal data and is subject to legal sanctions. 

To arrange their accommodation, users directly contact the seller and negotiate all the terms. In the case of contracting accommodation services, Adriabookers is not a Party, but instead these are the advertiser and the user. Therefore, in case of any disputes between advertisers and users, Adriabookers has neither obligations nor responsibility. 

The advertiser is responsible for the truthfulness of published data. Adriabookers has no possibility to verify these data, nor is it its obligation, and in this regard, does not provide any guarantee to users. If the user finds that the advertiser has given false information in the advertisement, such an information can be proceeded to Adriabookers using contact form on the website, after which Adriabookers may delete such an ad without prior notice.

6. Intellectual Property

The content of AdriaBookers.com page and all its domains (all published texts, photographs, recordings and other data) are the property of Adriabookers and their duplication, reproduction, or publishing is prohibited.

Usage of published data is allowed just for user’s personal use and only for the purpose of finding suitable accommodation. 

Advertisers guarantee that they have the right to publish data (texts, ads, photos and videos) submitted to Adriabookers, and that their publication does not infringe the copyright of third parties.

7. Protection of Personal Data

Adriabookers is committed to protect personal information of the advertisers and pledges not to share them with the third party, except in cases where it is obliged to do so under a legal regulation. Personal data of advertisers is collected and processed exclusively in order to perform services provided by Adriabookers and cannot be used for other purposes. 

For the analyses of site usage, Adriabookers can use an appropriate software and in this regard the so-called cookies or text files that are stored on the computer of site visitors and all that with the purpose of improving the quality of the provided service and to offer to the users a content they are most interested in. We emphasize that this way we in no instance collect or store user identification data. So called cookies enable the identification of the user during each subsequent visit to the site.

8. Consumer Protection

In order to protect users and prevent abuse, Adriabookers reserves by the right to check and analyze the content of seller’s ad before and after their publication.

Advertisers may not use other people's names or e-mail addresses as the contact information for their ads, nor can they in any other way misrepresent themselves.

It is forbidden to contact the seller in order to promote similar services.

Adriabookers guarantees to the users that the publishing of ads and seller’s contact data will be performed in good faith, although the accuracy, completeness or authenticity of the ad cannot be guaranteed.